I really love Lacte Breast Pump 😍 I have tried Lacte Duet and Lacte Omnia. 
 Lacte Omnia is rechargeable electric breast pump :) Make my life easier , i don't have to bring any adapter and I can pump anytime anywhere with no worries! Everything is only with touch control 😍 no need to press any button! 
and what i like about Lacte Duet is the suction strength can be set on each side! 🤩 It's like 2 set of single pump! When at home, I definitely will use lacte duet because I need to use different strenght for suction as my baby will direct breastfeed at anytime.. It also travel friendly because I just have to bring my power bank to connect with it...  
They also compact and light weight 🤩 i just put inside my handbag and bring along a small cooler bag. Really practical as working mom like me 😉 The sound also quite silent , no one noticed that you were pumping 🤭
The stimulation phase and expression phase for both breast pump are perfect 💕 I really like Lacte because it different than other brands because it have soft silicone breast shield that moves along to the pumping rhythm which mimic's baby natural suckling. Moreover, it has 9 steps suction control which is 3 steps already good enough for both stimulation and expression phase 👍🏻 It also comes with standard size soft silicone shield. For me, not too small or too big.. The good news is I never use nipple cream through out my pumping journey with Lacte Duet & Lacte Omnia🥰
Last but not least, I don't have to worry about losing small parts like valve because the silicone breast shield are already assembly together with the valve 👏 Less part to wash 🤗 Well done Lacte!!!Oh ya, The price is also affordable 🥰 Very recommended👍🏻
Lacte also have made good inovation spare parts which is for me its really brilliant ideas. The new breast shield designed to prevent milk spillage even tho I pump while I lay down or (mengiring)! The best part is I can pump handsfree by using nursing bra only!🤗 The tube did not interfere at all. 😍 I can pump while I do other stuff ... Super easy!

Puan Miria, Ampang Selangor
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